Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Riding the Wave

Google is riding the wave of world domination with its next product launch ... uh ... Google Wave, which is billed as an online portal that blends email, instant messaging, social networking and workplace collaboration in a single application.

Wave was first debuted in May, and according to C-Net is set to be rolled out to a much wider test audience today.

Tech geeks apparently had their minds blown when they first saw the application a few months back.

Again, according to C-Net, developers “compared Wave to how Google Maps (perhaps not coincidentally developed by the same people behind Google Wave) awoke developers to the possibilities presented by Ajax technologies, which had been around for some time but had yet to gain traction as some of the core technologies used to build the modern Web.”

So again, the question is what is your privacy worth? Can Google have just a little more information in exchange for some more personal data? Broadly, I’d be OK with it. Wondering what all five of my readers think.

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